Valentine’s Day Sibling Photoshoot

Happy Valentine’s day to all you love birds! This year I was blessed to have an extra little valentine to share this day with; and because both my girls are growing so fast I wanted to capture them together in a Valentine’s Day Sibling Photoshoot. I hope that as they continue to grow their bond continues to grow stronger and I can’t wait to capture them together for many more Valentine Days to come.

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How to plan a Magical Birthday on a Budget


Creating the perfect birthday party is a Magical Moment you will never forget! That’s why when my friend and owner of Magical Moments by Lisi allowed me to collab with her in order to bring her 29th Birthday Party vision to life I was over the moon and filled with excitement! Nothing excites me more than decorating just about anything 😉

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Best Faux Mink Eyelashes on a Budget

kiss eyelash logo

Kiss Lash Couture Review

If you would have told me I would finally semi-master applying falsies I would have laughed 😂 If I were to tell you I have literally practiced for years you probably would not believe me lol 😅 But finally after all the frustrations and failed attempts not only did I nail applying them on but I’ve also found my favorite eyelash brand & style.

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Reflecting on 2017

It’s 11:15pm right now as I begin to type this post and while I would have love to have created this post prior to the new year in this case a late start is better than never. Life happens sometimes we fall short of all that we have set out for ourselves and that’s ok it’s not the end of the world there’s always tomorrow right?

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Baby Girl Nursery Tour – Glam Unicorn Theme

Baby Girl Nursery Tour

When it comes to creating the perfect baby girl nursery sometimes we tend to rush the design process in order to have the nursery complete prior to baby’s arrival. One thing I learned this time around with my second baby when it came to designing my baby girl’s nursery was to really take my time and only add things I absolutely loved. Although a tad bit late, 5 months to be exact my baby girl’s nursery is finally complete.

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Jord Wood Watches Review + Giveaway

Jord Wood Watches Frankie in Ebony & Gold

When it comes to fashion accessories that complete an outfit a watch is definitely on the list for me. I love wearing a good watch to complete a look and I feel as though it takes your outfit to the next level when you do so. Now whether it be more for the trend than actually telling the time that’s another story for perhaps another day lol 🙈😅

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Fall LookBook 2017- Episode 1

Surprise! I have two fall fashion looks I recently filmed for my first Fall Lookbook in 2017. I hope you guys will enjoy this Fall Lookbook as much as I enjoyed creating it!

Fall LookBook 2017

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